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Sunday, January 31, 2016   /   by Steven Laakso

Baseball and Real Estate; How to get a Home Run

Getting You Home ; Swing for the fences with The Steve Laakso Real Estate Team! 660-8237 Camarae Kelley & 680-4956 Steve Laakso
 The Major League Baseball season lasts over six months – that’s a lot of training, practices and games. Searching for the perfect home or preparing your own home to sell can take a long time as well.
 -For homebuyers, your season involves watching mortgage rates, touring homes and negotiating prices.
 -For sellers, the season means preparing your home for showings, packing and moving, and home inspections. Patience is key.
 - Be coachable: Consider your real estate agent like your third-base coach. You’re running full speed from second base and you’re feeling good – you want to go all the way home. Your real estate agent has the training and tools to foresee curve balls in the home buying and selling process that you might not be aware of.
 - In the real estate industry, the good news is you h! ...

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Tuesday, January 26, 2016   /   by Steven Laakso

Market Valuation in a Fluctuating Market

When finding the right price to sell your home comparing your place to other homes that have sold is key.  What else?
While many factors come into play when you're evaluating a residential property's value by "comps" (comparable sales), the three key factors are location, size (square footage) of the home, and the number of bedrooms and bathrooms.
Obviously, you'll need to look at many other aspects before you can pinpoint the exact value of a property, but these are the "big three." You should be able to look at comparable sales involving properties with these three factors and get a good idea of the value of the property you're selling.
1. Location
Location is extremely important when you're comparing sold properties. A professional appraiser typically looks at houses within a one-mile radius or less, and so should you. In the case of a subdivision, where the houses are all similar and built in the same time period, you need to compare similar houses with similar sty ...

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Tuesday, January 19, 2016   /   by Steven Laakso

Sellers - The Benefits of Staging Your Home

Sellers – The Benefits of Staging Your Home
By  Kris Berg  via HGTV
Your home might be beautiful. Maybe it is immaculate, stylishly appointed to suit your tastes or highly upgraded with the finest materials and features. Perhaps it is all of these things. But, unless you are one in a thousand, it is not “staged.”
Staging a home for sale is not a new concept, but it is a practice that has gained steam with our more challenging market. I see many home sellers confuse staging with decorating and consequently resisting the process and the recommendations of the staging professional. But the reality is that the moment you commit to marketing your home for sale, you need to commit to transforming your home into a place that potential buyers can easily picture as their home. This means that you need to be prepared to emotionally detach.
Let your home speak to buyers.Your home speaks to you, but what is it saying to your potential buyer? Most sellers we encounte ...

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Thursday, January 15, 2015   /   by Steven Laakso

Steve Laakso Real Estate Team 5 Star Reviews

The traits that you are seeking in a realtor will likely include professionalism, high close rate, honesty, enthusiasm, patience,  and knowledge of the market-but how do you know when you've made the right choice? At Steve Laakso Real Estate Team Steve and Camarae have an extensive understanding of our local market and a fun, honest approach for their clients. We are grateful to our clients and have been devotedly providing the best service for 12 years and hope to create long lasting relationships with them.  Here is what our clients are saying:
“Steve was very open and easy to visit with. We felt he cared and wanted to help us find the home we wanted. Thanks Steve, very much, for your diligence!”  -Joel & Jeana Miller
“I'd highly recommend Steve Laakso to anyone who is looking for a great realtor.  I know many competent realtors in Gillette.  However, when it came time for me to list my home I chose Steve becaus; ...

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Wednesday, January 14, 2015   /   by Steven Laakso

Let's Close!

Real estate is full of jargon like and big words. When it comes down to breaking the code The Steve Laakso Real Esate Team is tops in their field as illustrated by the following:
LP/SP - (List to Sales ratio)  97.8
The final sale price (what a buyer pays for the home) divided by the last list price expressed as a percentage. If it's above 100%, the home sold for more than the list price. If it's less than 100%, the home sold for less than the list price. Looking at sale-to-list percentages can help buyers and sellers get a sense of how to negotiate on pricing. 
DOM - (Days on Market)  128

The average days on market before closing on a sale. For Campbell County the rate was 278 days. The Steve Laasko Real Estate Team exceeded the overall average for our area.

Close Rate - 90%

The Steve Laakso Real Estate Team sold a house every 4 days for 2014!!

Our mission is to provide professional service and knowledge; giving our clients a competitive advantage with li; ...

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