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Baseball and Real Estate; How to get a Home Run

Sunday, January 31, 2016   /   by Steven Laakso

Baseball and Real Estate; How to get a Home Run

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 The Major League Baseball season lasts over six months – that’s a lot of training, practices and games. Searching for the perfect home or preparing your own home to sell can take a long time as well.

 -For homebuyers, your season involves watching mortgage rates, touring homes and negotiating prices.

 -For sellers, the season means preparing your home for showings, packing and moving, and home inspections. Patience is key.

 - Be coachable: Consider your real estate agent like your third-base coach. You’re running full speed from second base and you’re feeling good – you want to go all the way home. Your real estate agent has the training and tools to foresee curve balls in the home buying and selling process that you might not be aware of.

 - In the real estate industry, the good news is you have the freedom to choose your “coach” or agent. Don’t be afraid to ask tough questions or shop around to ensure you have the right agent on your team.

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